Friday, May 7, 2010

Gin Sipping and Porch Sitting

My husband and I are trying to institute a regular cocktail hour in the evenings to transition out of the work day.  It helps us connect and unwind, and I find it especially important as I work from home.

Last night, we took advantage of the pleasant weather and had happy hour on our front porch.  We snacked on tortilla chips with guacamole and imbibed gin cocktails as we were entertained by our noisy neighbors.

One of my favorite warm weather drinks is gin lemonade.  I got this recipe in a supper club several years ago from a lovely woman named Maida. She prepared it with a picnic theme menu while we sat on pillows in her living room.   It was a fun evening that I remember fondly.

Gin Lemonade

Buy a can of Minute Maid frozen lemonade concentrate. Follow directions for preparation, except replace one can of water, with one can of gin. Mix well. Serve over ice. Delicious!

I make this mostly with gin (because I love it), but you could replace it with vodka or bourbon, if you prefer. Don't change the proportions, however. Just stick with replacing one can of water with one can of alcohol. My husband tried to use more and not only did it not taste as good, and he got drunk very quickly.

We drink this all season long. It is very refreshing and so easy. It is also handy to bring on picnics, even in public areas where alcohol is discouraged since it appears you are drinking just lemonade.

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