Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Texas Foodways

Foodways Texas was launched a few weeks ago with the aim to promote, preserve and celebrate the diverse food cultures of Texas. Its initial members include Texas farmers, cattle ranchers, microbrewers, academics, historians, chefs, restaurateurs, and food writers from throughout the state.  This organization has been modeled after the Southern Foodways Alliance, a nonprofit group established in 1999 in Birmingham, Alabama, to document and celebrate the food culture of the American South.

Organizers are planning symposiums and regional events on Texas food culture; documentary films on Texas foodways and food personalities; and efforts to establish itself as the authority for information about Texas cuisine and culinary history. That would include celebrating and documenting Tex-Mex, barbecue, Gulf seafood, Texas beef, chili, Texas citrus, pecan pie, chicken-fried steak, kolaches, frozen margaritas, Texas craft brews, and local artisanal producers of ice cream, cheese, honey, bread and tortillas.  Oh, man…I’m hungry and homesick already.

No webpage or staff for the group as of yet, but stay tuned.

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