Friday, April 15, 2011

Bar Stool Fridays - Rock Candy Cocktail

So, we've really enjoyed the homemade cinnamon candy around here.

Mr. Cook in a Bar and I knew we could increase our enjoyment by combining the sweet and spicy candy with alcohol.  Now, big surprise here...we went with bourbon.  Yeah, we're a little preoccupied.

The drink came together pretty easily for us and we both slurped it up quickly, but we struggled with a name.  Luckily, our friend Kate was willing to sample the drink and after only one round she came up with a name that we found both amusing and clever...

Red Headed Goldilocks
Makes 1 drink

2 oz bourbon (we used Knob Creek)
1 oz Goldschlager
2 dashes Peychauds bitters
cinnamon rock candy

Put cinnamon rock candy in plastic bag and crush finely with rolling pin.

Moisten rim of rocks glass and coat with crushed candy.

Fill cocktail shaker with ice.  Add bourbon, Goldschlager, bitters.  Shake well.

Strain into prepared glass.  Try not to drink too many.

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