Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Secret Wrapped in a Tortilla

My family has a secret.  We don't always make our fajitas wholly from scratch.  We sometimes use a pre-marinated package of fajita meat from the Texas grocery store, HEB.  If you live in Texas and haven't tried them yet, you are missing out on something good.  Don't get me wrong, I make my own marinade for fajitas and it is delicious.  But, they work really well when you have a craving for fajitas for dinner, but it is already evening and you don't have time to marinate.  We all know that unmarinated fajitas just won't do.

You can choose from beef skirt steak, chicken thighs or breasts, and pork loin.  Pick them up with some fresh corn and flour tortillas from the HEB bakery, and you are set for a feast.  They come out of the plastic in large pieces for easy grilling and turn out tender and ready to slice and serve.  I wish for these easy fajitas pretty regularly here in DC.

During our long weekend visit, we made the beef and pork.  My dad grilled the meat over mesquite wood.  It smelled absolutely wonderful and just glistened when he brought it inside to slice.

We picked onions and bell pepper from my parents' garden to saute. 

With guacamole and grated blanco queso for additional toppings and spanish-style rice as a side, we stuffed ourselves silly.  Each mouthful was tender and rich in flavor.  These premarinated meats avoid some of the pitfalls you find with other fajitas...the marinade doesn't overpower the meat flavor and you don't have trouble tearing into each bite with your teeth.

I prefer beef fajitas with cheese and guacamole in flour tortillas and pork meat with onions and bell peppers in corn tortillas, but everyone has their individual preference.  

I'm completely dissatisfied with the tortilla selection here in the DC area, so I'm going to start practicing to make my own tortillas soon.  You will be able to read all about it here.  Advice is welcome.

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  1. love HEB fajita meat.. beef is our fav! cant wait to see your tortilla recipe :) Hope your had a great visit with your parents!